ConX Character Sheet to be used with UniForge

This unihtml_conX.xsl extension file I’ve made is to be used with UniForge.

Download it right now!

• What’s UniForge?

« UniForge [application] is a character assistant designed to work with many of Eden Studios‘ lines of Unisystem games including their Cinematic games (two of them based on TV shows). Other supported games include All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Armageddon, C.J. Carella’s Witchcraft, The Mystery Codex, The Abomination Codex, and the Book of Hod. »

UniForge was designed and created by Dustin Devermore.
When 2nd Edition of Conspiracy X™ has been published, its data have been integrated to UniForge by some ConX fans. Their work does include The conspiracy X 2.0 core book, but not The Extraterrestrials sourcebook, The Paranormal sourcebook nor The Conspiracies sourcebook data.

• What does my unihtml_conX.xsl extension file do?

This is a customized converter to html file that help you making your Conspiracy X™ character’s sheet for the web in UniForge looking like the ones in the 2nd Edition Introductory Game Kit for example (you may download this kit legally from Drive Thru RPG for free…)

Now Conspiracy X™ character sheets look nice, even when printed or exported to a pdf virtual printer…

 Instructions to proceed are provided in a pdf file inside the zipped archive.

Use it and enjoy (I hope so). 

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